Three Talents Academy

Program Summary

The Problem we are Solving:
Employment rates for people with disabilities (PWD) remains chronically low while the overall employment rate (labor participation rate) is at historic high levels.  Employers struggle to find talent, while many millions of people all over the world with disabilities are unemployed.  Most people with disabilities want to work and are capable of significant roles but often lack the education, skills or experiences for meaningful jobs.  As a result, the employment challenges for individuals continue and the overall labor participation rates for people with disabilities is not progressing. 

To solve this skills gap, and to enable employment opportunties which can in turn transform their lives, we are building training academies that provide people  with disabilities with certifed skills that lead to high paying jobs.  Our initial prototypes leverage the Cisco Networking Academy program to develop employable skills and globally recognized certification that leads to a high paying job careers. 

Successful Prototypes:
Initial prototypes have been successfully completed in several markets with very high graduation and employment rates.  These first academies created employable skills for entry level IT and Networking roles using the  Cisco Networking Academy CCNA program. 

Additional programs are being planned now in several additional markets.  For information on programs available now and in the future email:

Our vision is to have programs in all major markets and applicable for all abilities.  We envision expanding the curriculum to address varying abilities and  interests- all with a globally recognized certification, with active engagement and support of employers, that target in-demand jobs.

Program principles:

Our success is attributable to our fundamental principles:

  • Program targets in-demand jobs. The goal is 100% employment for every candidate.
  • We believe in accommodating all disabilities.
  • We emphasize the need for certification by an industry leader for the targeted role (e.g. Cisco Systems certification for entry level IT / networking roles) which makes the skills and exprerience impactful to employers and portable geographically.
  • We create a full lifecycle program with targeted training to develop skills for viable and in-demand jobs, ready for work training, and the active participation and engagement of employers as guest lecturers, program sponsors, etc.
  • We structure the program to be financially viable and beneficial for all stakeholders program is scalable, replicable and impactful. Delivered through an ecosystem partnership where every partner benefits.

Summary and Next Steps:
Significant funding has been focused on increasing the labor participation rate for people with disabilities without material impact over many years.  Employers cannot find employable talent and the labor pool is declining in many countries.  This program is successfully bridging the talent gap and developing employable skills that leads to high paying careers for people with disabilities.  Successful prototypes have been completed and additional programs are planned in several US and Global markets.  The program is delivered through partnership ecosystem where all stakeholders benefit.  It is financially sustainable, replicable, and transforms employment for people with disabilities.

Together with our partners, we will accelerate employment for people with disabilities, create a new untapped pool of talent for employers, innovate disability employment, and most importantly – transform the lives of the people we touch.     

Questions and Further Information:

If you have questions, or would like more information please contact:

Patrick Romzek,